I’m running for City Council Position 4 because this part of Tacoma is my side of Tacoma. I love the people, the cultures and the places that make this part of Tacoma a uniquely wonderful place to live. I’m a believer in the power and potential of a loving and supportive village. And District 4 is my village.

As I’ve led efforts to fund the Eastside Community Center these past few years, I’ve worked with elected officials and policymakers from all layers of government, from City Council Members to members of Congress. I’ve seen the potential government has in order to be a catalyst for improving the lives of people – a cause I’ve been dedicated to for many years.

I pledge to be a city council member who listens thoughtfully, who reaches out to those who disagree with me, and who is responsive to the community members who would be most affected before making policy decisions.

I believe our City Council must do more to creatively and thoughtfully invest in sustainable solutions for those experiencing homelessness, to continue to improve public safety, and support programs that are equitable and empower our most vulnerable citizens.

For me, effective leadership is all about transparency, courage and trust. If elected, I vow to be transparent in my decision making, to demonstrate the courage required to fight for District 4, and, by doing so, to earn your trust.